An Inkwell of new HD Splatoon Images

So if you can't tell from all the Splatoon Posts I have done in the last 30 minutes, I am super jazzed for this game. I have been waiting since E3 last year to talk more about this game with all of you, and one of the perks of being press, is you get access to a huge amount of HD images that normally don't get posted to the public. I am going to rectify that as much as possible by giving you access to all the amazing images I have access to. Feel free gawk in awe. Enjoy the galleries.

Characters and Items Artwork

[gallery ids="4597,4598,4599,4600,4601"]

Global Testfire Character Art

[gallery ids="4602,4603,4604,4605,4606"]

Minigames Screenshots

[gallery ids="4607,4608,4609,4610,4611,4612,4613"]

In Game Screen Shots

[gallery ids="4614,4615,4616,4617,4618,4619,4620,4621,4622,4623,4624,4625"]

*Splatfest Screenshots *

[gallery ids="4626,4627,4628,4629,4630,4637,4636,4635,4634,4633,4632,4631"]

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