Babes And Racing, Drift Girls

Drift Girls, It's not just any racing game; a mixture of a visual novel, dating sim with street racing. Published by TOAST and developer NHN Black Pick plan to release on mobile devices starting June 2, 2015.


The objective of this game is to Race in one-on-one matches to win the affection of the lovely ladies, buying them gifts and upgrading your car to compete with the best of the best. It adds nice looking customization with your car and your female companion that you can buy from  the In-game store.


You can check out the trailer and the website for more information on this game about the game and events happening.It's coming out soon on Andriod and iPhone.

So tell us what you think of Drift Girls leave your comments down below?


[Via source One Angry Gamer thank's Lando Calrissian for the tip]

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