New Berserk Musou Trailer, Release Date Announced

Koei Tecmo has released a more substantial trailer for Berserk Musou, just over a week after its official announcement during E3.

After flashing up a series of phrases, among them the bemusing "massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough," the trailer shows off some brief gameplay footage. The series protagonist, Guts, is seen wielding his ludicrously large sword - the Dragonslayer - while fending off what appear to be the trolls from the manga's "Falcon of the Millenium Empire" arc. Guts' attacks appear to be true to form, with a sense of weight and impact that sends the wild beasts flying into the air. The trailer then wraps up and reveals the game's release date: September 21st.

With Koei Tecmo aiming to avoid Japan's explicit CERO Z rating, it remains to be seen how true the game will stay to its bloody, horrifying source material. However, it has been confirmed that Kentaro Miura, the manga's author, has been acting as a supervisor over the game's development.

We will keep up with new developments regarding Berserk Musou as they arise.

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