Capcom to Host Umbrella Corps Tournament at Gamescom

With one of the most popular gaming conventions among E3 and PAX almost here, Capcom has announced to be hosting a tournament for Umbrella Corps. And of course, there is a cash prize.

Capcom has announced via Capcom Unity that it will be having a tournament for their latest installment in the Resident Evil franchise; Umbrella Corps. Four teams, two U.S and European teams, will be competing for a grand prize of $15,000 in the upcoming tournament (NA and EU Qualifier rounds have ended for both team placements). NA winners can be found here and EU winners can be found here.

NA Qualified teams:

  • Qualifier #1: WeMainMei

  • Qualifier #2: Tomodachis

EU Qualified teams:

  • Qualifier #1: U-Eu (United Kingdom)

  • Qualifier #2: U WOT M8 (Europe)

Capcom's Umbrella Corps Gamescom Showdown will be held on Friday, August 19th, 2016 at Gamescom game convention in Cologne, Germany and will be live streamed so everyone can watch and root for their region.

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