Custom Color Faceplates for PlayStation 4?

Sony announced they plan to release costume colored faceplates this year since they were featured at the Tokyo Game Show and It will be released on November 8th in South Africa and 18th in Europe.As you know the custom faceplates can be installed by simply removing the HDD bay cover and sliding the chosen faceplate on the PS4.Which they only color they have available for the PS4 is  Neon Orange, Aqua Blue, Red and Glacier White. The other two, Gold and Silver, are set to release at a later date.The Sad news is Sony has also mention that the Silver and Gold faceplates will not be available in UK, Ireland, and Australia and that the Neon Orange will not be available in Scandinavia.Check out the video.


So tell us what is your favorite color for a PS4 leave your thoughts and comments down below.

[Via Source Gaming Report]



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