Dota 2 : Team Secret and Team EG

When Team Secret won the Shanghai Major, it was considered one of the best series of the year. Team Secret pulled out all the stops in order to prove that they were the best team in the scene at that current time. So it came as a massive surprise to everyone when not soon after Team Secret decided to let go mid player W33Ha and offlaner Misery. This decision as it turns out was in order to allow former EG and Secret player Arteezy and also former EG player Universe. At the same time, EG recruited former EG player Aui_2000 and Bulba to fill out the position one carry and offlaner roles respectively. What happened next was an exercise in disappointment.

Team Secret were at one point unstoppable, w33ha constantly demonstrated his versatility and patient play as a mid player and would give carry EternalEnvy space to get his farm and do his thing. It was a cohesive, well rounded unit which resulted in a Major Tournament win. The new "friends forever" Team Secret however were shadows of their former selves. Team Secret would constantly lose series against team they once easily stomped in tournaments. Having Arteezy and EternalEnvy on the same team was proving to be the problem. Both players have the same playstyle and both make the same mistakes. Constantly EternalEnvy would start fights while trying to be "smart" and instead end up costing his team the fight or even the match. Team Secret were knocked to the lower bracket of the recent Manila Majors and were promptly eliminated from the event in a lackluster best of one. Team Secrets woes were simply the result of breaking up a team that was coherent and well oiled that won tournaments, for a team so that friends could play together after the fact. Now, this isn't the same as Team OG who had been friends when they started the team. OG have won two major tournaments now and are on a winning streak, however after winning their first major OG had hit their slump. The difference is that OG had to stick it out and become better players and a better team, Team Secret at the time of Shanghai Major WERE the best team and for completely ridiculous reasoning decided to allow that team to disband and reform with two players who just did not perform.
When it comes to Team EG however, their problems began after their major tournament win at The International, the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year which boasted an insane prize pool of $18 million dollars. Team EG would go on to win the tournament with a breakout performance by young gun mid laner Sumail. At this same tournament, Arteezy was in Team Secret along with players S4, Zai, Kuroky and team captain Puppey. They were eliminated from the tournament which resulted in a Arteezy eventually leaving as a result of a disagreement with Kuroky. After The International 5 had concluded, the same thing happened to EG as to Team Secret, they kicked Aui_2000 and broke up a winning team to, yup you guessed it, let Arteezy back in the team. This new EG would go on to win Beyond the Summits The Summit 4 tournament but at the Frankfurt Major resulted in a third place performance. EG's woes continued after the European Major, with EG failing to win tournaments or place very highly. When it was decided that Arteezy and Universe would leave to join Team Secret, SumaiL tweeted "might start winning tournaments again LOL". Whether this was directed at anyone in particular or just a generalisation was never expanded upon.

Both teams would go on to struggle immensely after the roster swaps. Aui_2000 on carry was a sight to behold, in that it was incredibly underwhelming. Aui's previous performance as a 4 position support was widely regarded as one of, if not the best. His ability to farm on his supports and take fights normal players would not have won were a contributing factor in EG winning so many tournaments and the big one at TI5. His performance as a carry and BulBa's as the offlaner left a lot to be desired. Team Secret had the same problems, with Universe not having much of an impact and Arteezy looking like a fish out of water.

So it comes to the present, Team Secret have removed Universe and swapped him for BulBa, with Universe and Zai returning to EG. Both teams have had to make a run through the Open Qualifiers for the International 6 due to roster changes, with both teams making it past. There was one scare for the new Team Secret when they almost lost a best of one to European team ProDota before staging a comeback. Although I would argue that it was more of a throw on ProDota's part.

So after all the waxing lyrical I've done in this article, I'm getting to my final point. We will have to wait and see whether or not either of these teams are actually back to being contenders for the title. Constant memes of "x team are back" not withstanding, both teams have this last chance to make waves again. For Team Secret Fans and Team EG fans, hopefully it pays off but until we see them play against Tier 1 teams again I'm not convinced.

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