E3 rise of Doom!

Bethesda just showed off the new and improved Doom from id Software which looks good, considering the weapons and gory gameplay footage is impressive. Seeing the return of the double barrel shotgun and chainsaw like all of the old version of Doom.


Doom will have Multiplayer Mode, Survivor Mode, and new the feature called Doom Snap Map which is a map editor.You can check out the Short Trailer which is short.

In other news, Johnathan Mcintosh the guy who appeared in the 25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming. He seems disappointed by the games itself, and it seems he is crying inside, judging by his opinion of the game.

Gamers cheering loudly at scenes of brutal dismemberment. God this is depressing as hell. Welcome to the gaming industry. #BE3 #DOOM

— Jonathan McIntosh (@radicalbytes) June 15, 2015




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