Working Prototype Of Unreleased Ecco The Dolphin Game Released

Hidden Palace, a website dedicated to the preservation of rare game prototypes and development media, has released a playable build of Ecco II: Sentinels of the Universe for the Sega Dreamcast. Having been cancelled due to Sega's retirement from first party development, the only evidence of the game's existence before now had been some captured footage from a privately owned development kit. With this release, however, anybody with a Dreamcast console can boot and play the game in its unfinished state.

Footage courtesy of Hidden Palace.

The game would have taken place after Ecco: Defender of the Future, and it is unclear why it was cancelled outright instead of being ported to a different platform. The released build features a variety of levels via a level select screen as well as a functioning debug display, but lacks audio of any sort. Basic game systems appear to be in set in place, however the build is still using a lot of placeholder materials and lacks any sort of cohesion between levels. It appears this new Ecco still had a fair way to swim before it was ready for its final print run.

Big thanks go out to Hidden Palace, Retro Gamer Magazine, and the Dreamcast Junkyard for bringing this to our attention.

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