Fallout 4 Looks Good At E3 And A Real Pip-Boy

Fallout 4 looks impressive at the Bethesda E3 Conference. They told everyone that the game will be on the Next-Gen Creation Engine featuring a really good character creation, and from what I heard from a friend of mine, the Modding community is excited hear the news about Fallout 4. Both First Person and Third Person Perspective, the graphics look pretty damn good.



Featuring a new look of the Pip-boy, improved V.A.T.S system, crafting weapons, a real-time settler which is like Hearthfire, allowing you to make your own little settlement and defend it with turrets, almost like a tower defense. It's fascinating that the Special edition comes with a Pip-Boy for your phone, and you can download an app to make it into a real-life wrist-bound stat tracker and menu system.

Fallout will be released on November 10th, this year.


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