Dedicated Fan Purchases And Restores 17 Year Old Sonic Adventure Homepage

One of the more fascinating, yet cruel aspects of video games is how fast they evolve. Huge steps forward during one year are completely overshadowed and forgotten by the next. Thankfully, there are people who care enough to keep track of what came before, and save fragments of times past as a reminder of how we got here.

In this case, it's a peculiar oddity from the early days of online connectivity in games. Around seventeen years ago, the Sega Dreamcast was fresh out of the factories, and a little game called Sonic Adventure was making the rounds. Thanks to the Dreamcast's dial-up modem attachment, it was possible to connect to a website in-game with a variety of features, including help files, time attack competitions, and downloadable memory card files that triggered special in-game events. Sadly, the site was only active for a short time, mainly due to the Dreamcast's short life on the shelves.

In a surprise twist, however, a dedicated fan has bought the original domain and restored the site's contents as they were. The site is practically a time capsule for web design circa-2000, right down to the low page resolution. Tiny by today's standards, but essential if you wanted to look at it on a Dreamcast! While the site is full of holes and dead links at the moment, the new owner is apparently hard at work restoring it to its former low-res glory. Regardless, the restored site provides an interesting look back into how early online features for consoles were starting to come together. At the very least, it gives die-hard fans of the blue blur something to drool over and archive.

Many thanks to the page's new owner (@Chao Island) and Liam Ashcroft (@Tracker_TD) for bringing it to our attention!

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