Final Fantasy 7 Remake Might Get Newer Content!

I know a lot of fans are excited to hear the news about the Final Fantasy 7 remake for a long time. It looks like will be expecting a lot of new changes in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. According to Square Enix's, director Tetsuya Nomura revealed to the media that the upcoming game will not just feature updated graphics it undergo dramatic changes and will have multiplayer, mini-games and DLC. Remember this was It was released on PlayStation One back 1997. Their biggest challenge yet is developing the game on the powerful hardware of PS4 PC, and Xbox One which they plan to release in 2016 around the time of their 20th anniversary.


Square Enix also plans to make remakes for other classic games for consoles, mobile phone,  PC and VR in the near future according to Tech times.Which Square plans to collaborate with other companies in Buisness to broaden the horizon in the Buisness world.

Anyways guys leave your thoughts and comments down below about the news of what is going with FF7.


[Sources Via Venture Caplist Post,Tech Times,and Crossmap]


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