RTX 2016: Halo Wars 2 Beta Stats and Blisterback Preview

During RTX this past weekend, 343 Industries gave Halo fans a taste of what is to come in the year as well as the beta stats for Halo Wars 2. For now, we'll focus on Halo Wars 2 stats and their unit preview.

According to Xbox Wire, Halo Wars 2 grabbed a massive amount of attention during it's public beta that ran from June 13th to June 22nd during E3 2016 with a total of 72,245,130 gameplay minutes (1.2 million hours). One of their favorite stats was how much it cost to keep units alive during the game (over $831 trillion). Other stats include; total number of units created (204 million), fastest deathmatch win (6 min 29 secs), longest domination win (2 hrs 59 mins), total units vanquished (over 80 million), percentage wins (UNSC - 49.2% / Banished - 50.8%) and more.

In addition to the release of Halo Wars 2s beta stats, 343 Industries and Creative Assembly showcased one of the new units called the Blisterback. Styling in red armor of the Banished, the Blisterback is a "heavy-artillery, long-range brute vehicle designed for precise elimination of enemy factions".

Halo Wars 2 is set for release February 21st of 2017.

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