Gaming Panels Cancelled at SXSW Because of Threats

The popular media conference held in the State of Texas called South By Southwest had canceled two panels specifically about gaming one was #SavePoint: A Discussion on the Gaming Community hosted  by The Open Gaming Society, a group dedicated to the fair representation of gamers in media. The panelists include Porn Star Mercedes Carrera, Indie Game Developer Nick Robalik who is working on his game Sombrero who supported the Hashtag #Gamergate, and also Lynn Walsh, an Emmy award-winning journalist, and while another panel named  Level Up: Overcoming Harassment in Games was hosted by Randi Harper, known for the creation of the GG Autoblocker, who is also featured on our website The Hidden Face of Hypocrisy: Randi Harper   also with her that are panelists Katherine Cross who a Sociologist and Caroline Sinders who is a Game Designer. The panel describes themselves as "experts on online harassment in gaming and geek culture, how to combat it, how to design against it, and how to create online communities that are moving away from harassment". The sad news due to threats that were unknown, South By South West decided to cancel those two panels because of the possible fear that bomb threats could happen at the conference.Randi Harper was disappointed in the news that her panel was canceled as she announced on twitter.


SXSW just canceled our panel due to the number of threats of violence they have received.

— Literally Boo (@randileeharper) October 26, 2015

As for Open Gaming Society, they made a statement on their Website that they're not giving up on SXSW yet.

_ "While this is disheartening news there is a silver lining. The Open Gaming Society believes in open discussions and would like to announce our “Plan B.” We formed this plan almost immediately after we submitted the panel to SXSW. Though SXSW has cancelled the panel, we still plan to have a panel regardless. This has been a backup plan from square one and now we are forced to act on it. We will organize, fund, and host the panel ourselves. We plan to do so around the same time as SXSW to allow for the largest possible audience."_
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