Getting in the Know with Pokémon Go

The long awaited childhood dream became reality a few days ago in America, New Zealand and Australia. Pokemon Go hit iPhones and Androids recently and developer Niantic is starting to think about the future of Pokemon Go.

According to Business Insider UK, Niantic's CEO John Hanke has spoken about incorporating one of the classic pokemon features; trading with other players into Pokemon Go, stating, "It's kind of a core element."

Unfortunately, there is no new information about how it will work in the game as well as its scheduled release. Meanwhile, we can look forward to other updates such as improved augmented reality improvements, more pokestops/gyms and leader boards to show players who is the very best.

However, Hanke has hinted at another concept that may or may not be in the works for their hit application game; AR support for devices like Microsoft's HoloLens or Google Glass. He states, "That may be a fun thing to take advantage of."

Of course, this is only a hint and no official word of it coming soon but would be an interesting to see how Pokemon Go would be compatible with AR technology.

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