Platformer INSIDE Announced, Debuts Exclusively For Xbox One

A new game from Playdead, the studio behind 2010 platformer LIMBO, is set to appear exclusively on the Xbox One's via Microsoft's ID@Xbox program. Titled INSIDE, Microsoft are touting it as " utterly unique experience – terrifying, clever, confusing and gratifying all at once."

According to the release, the game is centered around the exploits of a young boy as he ventures into "the depths of a dark project." Supposedly a puzzle platformer in a similar vein to LIMBO, the game appears to be horror-themed, and going by the trailer it will share LIMBO's minimalist approach to visuals. The trailer doesn't reveal much in the way of gameplay, however, and is comprised exclusively of static interior shots showing groups of people moving around a large office building. Given it remains tight-lipped on anything but the game's tone, it remains to be seen exactly what INSIDE's gameplay really entails.

INSIDE launches on the 29th of June for Xbox One.

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