It's Aprils Fools Day, Bro.

Today is April 1st in [CURRENT YEAR], which means it's time for April Fools Day. In otherwords, just another day on the internet. Seeing is today is pretty much the designated "it's okay to troll if it's just a prank, bro" day, we should have a look at what some of the studios have come up with for today's festivities.

First up on stage is CD Projekt Red's brilliant little number entitled Everything you always wanted to know about Roach but were afraid to ask! The video shows the seedy underbelly of gaming development, with a team of unhappy mo-cap artists enlisting the help of bug designers to help vent their frustrations at how perfect Roach, Geralt's horse was as a character asset. Eventually leading to the voice actor for Roach deciding to play a bigger role. Clever and very well produced, it's worth having a look and having a laugh. Next.

New Zealand based Grinding Gear Games have decided to take their ARPG Path of Exile in a new direction, adding a complete stock market to the game. The stock market contains marketing advice videos from fan favourites such as ZiggyD, Kripparrian and LiftingNerdBro embedded in the game's UI. It also features graphs of each currency's performance for the past week and even a current currency price ticker. All in good fun, but it seems like this prank could actually be a good idea for the game.

Official Sonic the Hedgehog twitter account has dropped a brand new mini-game on the public called Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3: The Trial! Players are told that a Sega controller is preferred but can use their keyboards to play the mini game. To be fair though, considering this is the twitter handle of Sonic the Hedgehog, who as of late has a bit of a penchant for pranking the twitterverse, it seems more like a normal day in the life of one of the best PR people Sega has ever had. Shine on you crazy, chaos emerald loving, hedgehog.

Bandai Namco hits us with the 1,2 punch; giving us Dark Souls III - The Movie on VHS. It's quite well done, combining the cheesy voice overs of the 90s with the grainy film shots, truly taking Dark Souls back to a time when Blockbuster Video was a monolith for movie rentals, instead of it's current state of being a glorified Ben and Jerry's ice cream parlor.

-Here, have some more-

Daum Games, creators of Black Desert Online; have taken this opportunity to poke fun at the recent Overwatch Tracer win pose controversy, which saw a single post complain about and successfully have removed. Daum have added new win poses to all characters, regardless of gender. Its quite amusing to see another company poke fun at a situation that was quite frankly, ridiculous. It was almost as if the initial controversy was some sort of sick pre-April Fools joke gone horribly wrong.

Speaking of Blizzard, their CCG Hearthstone announced a new game in the an MMO. If you can't see why that would be funny well, I envy you. Blizzard even went as far as to imply there would be a beta soon. Well played, kind of.

The developers of Arma 3, Bohemia Interactive have made the bold move to create a new line of perfume for their player base. Referred to as Eau De Combat – The New Fragrance for Players, Bohemia promises a scent for gamers who like taking risks and not smelling like a FGC event.

Peripheral manufactured Corsair even had a crack, introducing The B11-ND - World's First Fully Immersive Gaming Monitor, that includes forward facing LED lights. So if you catch a flash bang in the face in game, chances are your eyes will be charred in real life.

Gaijin Entertainment have given their warplane fighting game War Thunder sailing ships. The best part about this prank? It will actually be playable for anyone who has the game.

Even Sony got in on the fun by announcing Playstation Flow, an innovative gaming technology that would allow you to progress in levels by swimming in real water. It includes goggles that display the game and an Ionizing body dryer to get you back to your couch.

If you felt that the walking simulator you bought seriously needed wanton violence, then the game Journey now has a ROCKET death match mode for your desperate inclinations towards violence.

Remember, it's just a prank, bro.

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