League of Keepers Allysium hits Steam Early Access

From indie game studio, VRS Productions, comes League of Keepers Allysium; a new MMO RPG Shooter arriving to Steam Early Access. There is also a tournament being held for big cash prizes.

League of Keepers Allysium takes place in the distant future riddled with chaos and war due to an artificial intelligence called Allysium created by mankind to overcome illness and death has taken over the world. Players get their hands on a 'Keeper', a freedom fighter armed with "technological upgrades to the human body and mind"; granting vast customization options for players to choose from.

To top off their release on Steam Early Access, VRS Production has also revealed the first cash prize tournament that will take place when the game launches. The tournament will last for two weeks and each player signed up will be "allocated 60 hours of play time to earn as much points as possible" and will display the top players on the main page with real-time rankings. The cash prize of $100,000 will be dispensed as listed:

  • 1st place: $40,000

  • 2nd place: $20,000

  • 3rd place: $10,000

Remaining $30,000 will be distributed among players ranked between 4th place and 50th place (actual prize amount not known for each player). In order to earn points, players can use quick game modes or engage in leagues by creating one or joining one with the minimum of 8 players. Another way to earn points is to extract important research items.

League of Keepers Allysium will be available on Steam Early Access July 20th.

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