LoL Player to Watch: IMT Huni

It wasn’t long ago that Huni played top lane for 2015 World Championship semifinalists Fnatic. While he played for Fnatic, he helped lead them through multiple successful seasons and his tenure on North American soil has been anything but disappointing. Known for his style of carry top laners, Huni keeps teams on their toes as he cleans through people as Immortal’s additional damage threat. He boasts one of the largest champion pools in NA and his playstyle is extremely well suited to the meta of off-tanks in both this split and the last. While both he and CLG’s Darshan share this carry style in their champion pools, Immortals have been victorious over Counter Logic Gaming every time they have gone head to head.

Stats (as of Week 7)

KDA: 2.9 (4th highest amongst full-time top laners)

Kills: 141 (highest amongst top laners)

Assists: 205 (2nd highest amongst top laners)

CS/min: 7.5 (4th highest amongst top laners)

Huni is a testament to how sometimes scores matter little in regards to performance. However, while statistically average everywhere else, his kill score speaks volumes to his effectiveness and other top laners don’t even come close (the next highest being APX Ray with 109 kills). He is a one man army who draws so much attention as the last thing any team wants is for him to take off. His kills and assists more than make up for the fact that he has the highest death count in his role, as he goes in and causes as much damage as possible before dying. It was this style that made him a menace in top lane last split.

He is also one of the few players who makes it into the highlight reel for individual plays out of the entirety of the league, let alone top lane. He commits hard and fast, relying on his damage to see him through fights rather than survivability. Even if he’s not playing Gangplank or Shen, he still maintains global presence as a powerful split pusher, while he knows exactly what to do when full blown teamfights emerge. It certainly helps that he is part of the 2nd best team in the NA LCS, but the ability of his team to follow through on the damage he causes is part of what has gotten them to where they are in the first place.

Within the next few weeks, Team Solomid and Immortals will meet again on the rift. TSM’s Hauntzer currently holds the highest KDA and least deaths amongst the NA top lane and plays a much more conservative style and champion pool. Meanwhile, Bjergson is undisputedly the better mid laner while TSM’s bot lane is statistically the better of the two, if only by a small margin. With Immortals and Team Solomid so neck and neck, Huni will undoubtedly be one of the deciding factors in who will come out victorious.

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