LoL Player to Watch: TSM Biofrost

Team Solomid is currently having one of their most impressive showings this split out of what is a long and storied history. As of Week 6, they are still undefeated in best of 3s with 12 wins and 0 losses. But what has changed about TSM that transformed them from the team that barely made the playoffs in the Spring Split to the powerhouses they are now? The most notable change has been their roster, where they dropped EU veteran Yellowstar in exchange for the rookie Biofrost. While not the biggest playmaker on the team, his rookie season resembles that of former TSM jungler Santorin, who handily won Rookie of the Year during his run with TSM by playing cleanly and consistently. While you will seldom see him on highlight reels, his impact has been in the form of numerous small, but significant, plays that have greatly contributed to the overall dominance of his team.

Stats (as of Week 6)

KDA: 9.5 (highest in the league)

Deaths: 31 (lowest amongst fulltime players)

Assists: 277 (2nd highest in the league)

Kill Participation: 73.8% (3rd highest amongst fulltime support players)

To understand the significance of these stats, it is important to take into account that TSM is a team that doesn't place priority on kill scores and will willingly trade a solo laner for a map objective. Two of Biofrost’s greatest assets are knowing when to commit and where to be. He plays with extreme discretion that has allowed him to escape more than a few matches completely death free, even those with relatively high casualties. That isn’t to say he isn’t so far out of harm’s way that he isn’t involved; his kill participation is one of the highest in the league. It also isn’t because he picks safe, passive supports either; as his most used champions, Karma and Braum, both have kits that work best at close to midrange.

Rather than play a hard engage character like Alistar, Biofrost’s champion pool is more adept at empowering others to do the engaging for him, whether it be through Karma’s Inspire, or Braum’s Concussive Blows and Winter’s Bite. But as the game progresses, he takes on a peeling/chasing role, scaring away those that would threaten his back line or hindering their escape with crowd control. These champions are better at extended engagements and he likes using them for setting up kills in advance for his teammates, charging forward ahead of his team when a fight goes TSM’s way, which it does more often than not.

These plays are in no small part due to TSM’s unconventional shotcalling from mid laner Bjergson and AD carry Doublelift, whose vast experience and skill enables them to determine which targets he should go after at the spur of the moment. But his ability to respond to the fast and sometimes confusing communication from his teammates is a skill that he is more than adept at. His impressive record and play this split should be enough to put him in contention for Rookie of the Year.

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