Minions Paradise Looks Like Absolute Crap

Today, EA revealed a terrible eyebleed inducing tie-in "game" called Minions "Paradise" (read vomit inducing terror), based off of the money-grabbing spin-off movie. In this waiting simulator, you play as the titular Minons who were stuck on an island because of "hilarious" slap-stick humor. Hilarious, that is, if you just beat yourself over the head with a coconut (like someone in this trailer).

[caption id="attachment_6205" align="alignnone" width="590"]Minonsparadise Hi everyone, welcome to PS2 quality hell![/caption]

Of course, knowing EA, this game will most likely be filled with microtransactions and will be something you install, play, vomit, cry tears of blood, then uninstall.

[caption id="attachment_6210" align="alignnone" width="590"]CHkbvsTUYAI2zT9 THIS IS NO PARADISE OF MINE[/caption]


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