Website For New Wonder Boy Project Appears

Good news for Sega Master System die-hards as well as fans of action platformers today, as a new website for what appears to be a remake of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap has recently come online.

The site displays artwork featuring many of the characters from the original game in a new art style, as well as the logos for publisher DotEmu, and recently opened French studio, Lizardcube. DotEmu is primarily a mobile publisher, and is known for distributing ports and collections of popular arcade games - notably the R-Type and Raiden series - to a variety of devices. Lizardcube, the developer, announced their opening in late May. The studio was founded by ex-Q-Games programmer Omar Cornut, and artist Ben Fiquet.

The announcement of a new Wonder Boy game comes as a surprise, given that the classic Sega/Westone IP has laid dormant since Monster World IV in 1994, save for recent re-releases. The timing is curious too, given that Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, a heavily Wonder Boy-inspired game featuring the input of series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa, was revealed last year.

We will be sure to keep an eye on this surprising, yet welcome development, and provide details of the upcoming return to Monster Land as they arise.

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