Nintendo Big E3 2015 News Post

So because there was so much news from everyone this year, we had to make a split the posts. So here you will find everything announced from Nintendo this year. This post will be updated as news comes.


NINTENDO-SENPAI NOTICED US: Mother 1 coming to the US
Nintendo Introduced Blast Ball on 3DS
New Chibi-Robo comes packed in with its own Amiibo! Also info on Gameplay
Nintendo E3-Star Fox Zero Gameplay Revealed
Nintendo and Activision announce Hybrid Skylanders Amiibo
Nintendo E3-Zelda Triforce Heroes
Nintendo E3- Fire Emblem Fates
SMT x Fire Emblem Release Window Revealed
Nintendo E3-Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
Yoshi’s Wooly World Release Date Revealed
Nintendo E3- Yokai Watch
Mario and Luigi Paper Jam Announced
Nintendo E3-Mario Tennis Ultra Smash
Pixel Art Mario Amiibo Announced!

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