Overwatch Gets A Summer Games Update

A new seasonal event is being released for Overwatch in celebration of the Summer Olympics being hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Let the games begin!

Blizzard is giving their smash hit game; Overwatch a new update called The Overwatch Summer Games which starts today and ends a day after the Summer Olympics comes to an end. To celebrate the spirit of the games, the game company is changing their loot boxes for players to earn over 100 seasonal items that include skins, highlight intros, emotes and more. As much as the skins cannot be purchased like in League of Legends seasonal events, Blizzard has guaranteed that each loot box will contain at least one item from their Summer Games 2016 collection.

In addition to this, Blizzard has created its very own soccer field brawl called Lucioball, where players must work together to make goals in a fast paced 3v3 man team brawl as Lucio. Players will get to play in a 3-D replica of Rio's Estádio das Rãs with jump pads and speed-boosting walls, giving players abilities with Lucio to punch, block, and glide to win.

Blizzard has also said they plan to make more events like this one in the future and to keep a lookout for them on their Overwatch site for more information.

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