Payday 2 Crimefest Turn Into A Shit Fest!

Overkill is in damage control mode right now some fans are not happy about what happen at Payday 2 event called Crimefest.Which some fans are already complaining about the issues on the Steam forums, and already Moderators are giving warnings to users here not to be abusive but be civil.Which many are talking about the Blackmarket Update that you have to pay $2.49 to have access to a drill to break into s special safe and earn special weapon which is similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive adding pretty looking colorful guns and mods which will help boost your stats 0n your weapons which according to this image.



Payday 2 PC update will now have microtransactions as you might remember back in 2013 David Goldfarb, game developer and designer of PayDay 2 said there will be no microtransactions to the game according to Gamespot. As you also know that Mr.Goldfarb departed from Overkill back in 2014 and making a new studio called the Outsiders.As for Overkill well maybe hope things blow over for them.

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