E3 2016: Quake Champions Announced

Id Software lead studio designed Tim Willits just announced Quake Champions, a new addition to the Quake franchise for PC players. Showing off their trailer at E3, the footage showed face paced combat in an arena setting, with different characters who have different abilities which looked to include melee attacks, speed charges and invisibility. Tim also included that Quake Champions will run natively at 120hz, promising a smoother, faster Quake game.

As part of the launch for Quake Champions, Bethesda have promised to support the competitive scene for months after release. Tim invited gamers to also look forward to Quakecon for more on Quake Champions. Bethesda at E3 have announced multiple new games and expansions following the success of the reboot of Doom. Quake was created after the success of the original Doom game. Looking forward to this.

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