Review: Armello

Welcome to Armello, a fantasy world where anthropomorphic characters fight via an indie tabletop role-playing strategy board game. It's a tale of four great clans known as Rabbit, Wolf, Bear, and Rat in an epic battle royal against a tyrant king  who is consumed by an evil darkness plaguing the land. Heroes will rise and fall in this epic quest to win using your skills of treasure finding, magic, wits, luck, strength, and courage. The game is available on PS4 and Steam and the question you might be wondering is this game worthy of the descriptions I have lavished upon it? Find out in this review.

Reviewed: PS4 (Review Copy Received: PS4)
Developer: League of Geeks Publisher: League of Geeks
Released: (NA) PC on Steam/ PS4 TBD (EU) (Sep 1, 2015) MSRP: Rated E+10 ($$19.99)

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The Graphics are decently high quality, with an art style that looks alright and is very colourful. The animation looks nice when watching anthropomorphic characters moving around and battling out in the game, but the UI set up is dull and sometimes slow. It really didn't impress one of our own staff members, Matthew, when he claimed it was slow as well as the text in the game being too tiny to read on his screen when we were trying out the multiplayer mode.

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The Gameplay Is fun if you're into table-top RPG strategy board games like this one. This game is 4 players and you can choose to play with either the AI or other players online, in which you have a limit of 3 spaces to move on an octagon board with cards and dice. You have 2 options to win each game, you either collect four or more of the stones to cure or banish the King, or you will have to earn prestige points either by doing quest missions or killing other players. You have 8 turns until the game is over,  if you earn the required amount of prestige points you win by default. Armello, by sheer virtue of being a strategy game, does have a lot of replay value that could make you want to unlock some interesting bonus stats, abilities, and cards. The average match can take up around 15 to 30 mins in Single player mode while it can take longer sometimes on Multiplayer Mode depending on the decisions the player makes, they give you a 30 second timer to decide if you take too long.

Soundtrack and Sound Effect:

It does have a decent soundtrack that fits will with the games environment, even the sound effects give a good impression of what the developers intended with the design the game.


This game offers a lot of interesting challenges and has a lot of replay value.The online multiplayer is fine, but it seems it lacks an offline Co-op mode for friends and family. The UI issues also cannot be overlooked, as they mar an otherwise decent experience in such a petty way that it almost ruins the whole game. Having said that, It is a title I can recommend if you're into games like this.

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