Review: Endless Legend

The makers of Endless Space bring you another 4X turn-based fantasy strategy game, one that brings you into the immense fantastical world of Endless Legend. Developed  by AMPLITUDE Studios and Iceberg Interactive, The world is in Cataclysm. It's up to you save one of eight factions and rebuild an empire to its greater glory.

Reviewed: PC Steam (Review Copy Received: Steam)
Developer: Amplitude Studios
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Released: (NA) Sep, 18 2014 PC on Steam/ DLC(Sep 1, 2015)
MSRP: Rated (EU) PEGI 12  Price (US )($34.99)



The Graphics overall look mediocre. The design and animation, even the procedurally generated map of the world, look decent and I understand that they optimised the size of some textures in the game, but the frame rate would often drop down to around 17 to 20  FPS. While it could be a glitch, that still damns the optimization efforts of the developers.



The gameplay is addictive and fun, it plays like an upscaled board game. The objective is to rebuild an empire, gaining resources, building your army, inventing technologies, taking as many territories as possible and conquering other civilizations to win. It offers a lot of challenges and situations, from dealing with the cold winter seasons to economics and politics which very much simulates a world of many wonders. I did like the idea of customizing your own Army, which does cost resources, creating a nice balancing effect. Many of the races have unique mechanics with which to build your empire. For example: the race known as the Broken Lords in the game rely on Dust (money) and Science while the Cultists rely on Influence and Industry to win.

However, I must warn you that this game is absolutely time-consuming. It does have a tutorial mode to teach you how to play, which is good because the learning curve is steep. If you can't beat this game my suggestion Is to go to the Steam forums for tips and hints, otherwise, depending on how good you are in figuring out a 4X turn-based fantasy strategy game, it can be very challenging. Often it can leave you in a no-win situation and dealing with AI that can be very crafty. This AI will beat you at every turn, even on the easiest difficulty setting, which won't be easy for new players. In any case this game can make you rage quit.

The only thing I found wrong with the game was a glitch I encountered which basically made me go into Bankruptcy. It does have has its own online multiplayer mode but I haven't tested it out. There is mod support but, as of time of writing, there aren't many mods available.

Music and Sound Effects:

The soundtrack is very vibrant and ambient. The Endless Legend Soundtrack was interesting enough that I heartily recommend it Game Audio Factory which you can buy here. Some of the songs kinds of remind me of playing Diablo back in the day.


If you like challenging games I would recommend it. For people who have never played 4x games I wouldn't, as it's a very complex game. I am not saying it's a bad game, I think this game could offer endless amounts of fun, just be prepared for huge difficulty spikes and a poorly optimized experience.

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