Review: Pixel Junk: Nom Nom Galaxy

I had never played a Pixel Junk game before I heard about it from friends, it being a popular series of downloadable titles developed by Q-Games. The story in Nom Nom Galaxy is that you are an Astroworker sent to planets to gather as many ingredients as you can, to make soup and send it to hungry aliens. Having heard great things about the PS4 version, The question now is: does Pixel Junk Nom Nom Galaxy have what it takes on the PC?  Find out in this review.

Reviewed: PC (Review Copy Received: Steam)
Developer: Q-Games, Ltd.
Publisher: Q-Games, Ltd.
Released: (NA) August 3rd PC on Steam/ PS4 TBD (EU) ()
MSRP: Rated E ($9.99)



Pixel Junky Nom Nom Galaxy has a unique art style that brings a fresh approach to food based games. I noticed that the colour scheme tries to emulate an Instagram filter called earlybird, which looks alright. There are framerate drops here and there but, overall, the game still runs very smoothly at either 30 or 60FPs (toggled in the options menu).



The single player mode is incredibly enjoyable, offering many hours of fun and difficult challenges. The objective of the game is to explore planetary environments, gathering resources to construct your base, finding ingredients to create soups and then sending them to hungry aliens to fill up a gauge up to 100%. You also have to partake in some tower defence fending off the competition, unlocking Galaxies based on how many soups you created.  Robot servants, abilities, tools and torrents are also available to help you be productive. The game controller works well, but this title was definitely designed to be on the consoles, as the developers haven't created the keyboard and mouse control functions for this game that you would expect from a PC release.

The other thing I didn't like was the multiplayer mode, every time I tried get into a game it would take a long time to try to find other players. When I finally did manage to connect to a session, I encountered some lag issues and connection problems.

Note: Playing Time total: 62 hours due to difficulty.


Music and Sound:

The soundtrack has an ambient feel, with a number of synthesized beats creating a pleasing effect overall.The sound effects, however, are grating as they remind me of Minecraft with a Buzz-saw ringing in the background. Even the explosions and echoing are a little over the top. What little subtle touches there are to the sound effects just get buried under the cacophony.



Nom Nom Galaxy has a lot of potential to be a fun game but The Graphics, Gameplay, and music/sound just don't fit well together. Combined with the botched multiplayer functionality and you have a title that falls short of a total recommendation.



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