Review: Divide By Sheep

Divide By Sheep is a puzzle game that can either really frustrate you, or challenge your mind in ways you wouldn't believe. The story is about the Grim Reaper feeling lonely and wanting companionship, he accomplishes this by killing off Sheep and wolves, thus sending them to the afterlife. The game was developed by Bread Team and published by tinyBuild. I am going, to be honest, I have never played a Math Puzzle game like this before, let's dive in.

Reviewed: PC (Review Copy Received: Steam)
Developer: Bread Team
Publisher: tinyBuild
Released: (NA) July 2 PC on Steam/ TBD (EU)
**MSRP: ($4.99)



The design is satisfactory, the art style is colorful and cartoonish with its Dark humor. The only minor issues I encountered with the game was the animation glitch, but it didn't affect the gameplay that much.



The gameplay directing sheep, wolves and pigs and hopping them from one square to another, it adds very interesting wacky challenges and obstacles such as lasers, TNT, and fences.I did notice that it has the progression style level menus, to acquire stars in order to unlock the 120 levels currently present in the game which is not so original, it does serve its purpose.



Music and Sound:

The Music soundtrack players would find it boring or repetitive.You give credit to the developers for putting  a volume control option for the background music in the game (even if that is pretty much damning with fine praise, as separate sliders for audio are industry standard at this point) . As for the Sound effects, they fit very well with the game's cartoonish atmosphere and premise.



Overall the Graphics and Gameplay are balanced very well, but listening to the repetitive soundtrack over and over can be torture.  The level menu is not so original, but it's a decent game it does have potential to be fun and challenging players.

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