Shmups Skill Test And Minus Zero Coming To Steam

Tokyo-based publisher Degica Games have been busy making a name for themselves recently, having brought a cavalcade of shmups to Steam, most notable among them being CAVE's Mushihimesama and Taito's Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours. Among other companies to get a helping hand onto Steam is Triangle Service, with XIIZEAL and DELTAZEAL also recently appearing on the market. Now it seems that Degica has even more triangular-shaped love on the way, as they recently took to their blog to announce the following:

Degica Games is proud to announce that two amazing games from Triangle Service, the first wave of Shooting Love 200X, will be coming soon to Steam! Shmups Skill Test will hone your shooter skills to a knife’s edge, and Minus Zero will take you to your limits with its minimalist Lock On gameplay! We’ve already seen the brilliance of Triangle Service with our releases of DELTAZEAL and XIIZEAL last year, but the brilliance didn’t stop there.

Shmup Skill Test, as the name implies, is a game that will (supposedly) help the player improve the skills required to become a shooting game master. Originally released alongside Exzeal in Shooting Love 2007 for Sega NAOMI arcade hardware, it would later appear on the Xbox 360 as a part of the Shooting Love 200X compilation alongside Minus Zero. Featuring a variety of stages that are both whimsical and based on infamous shmup moments, the game is very tongue-in-cheek, even going so far as to give you a "gamer age" in the results screen.

Minus Zero is more straight-faced, based around a lock-on system and survival gameplay. The visuals are simplistic, but lively, echoing the style of Tempest 2000 and Geometry Wars. With no traditional main shot to speak off, players will have to master the sole lock-on weapon and hone their concentration as they face off against their agile foes.

Shmup Skills Test and Minus Zero will be a welcome addition to the growing collection of quality shmups on Steam. Given the wording of the above quote, we can only hope this means that Degica intends to bring the entire Shooting Love 200X package to PC.

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