Shuhei Yoshida Says No When Ask About PS4 Backwards Compatibility For PS3 Games

Shuhei Yoshida President of Sony's Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. was at the Paris Games Week.Which a fan on Twitter ask a question which was translated in French  from our interpretation of the Translation "Will there be a retro compatibility for PS3 games on PS4?" PlayStation France recorded a Video message from Yoshida who reply nicely to the fan on twitter saying No.


.@Raid_Zorde Non

— PlayStation France (@PlayStationFR) October 28, 2015

Sony Playstation fans may be disappointed considering the news about  Microsoft plans to update Xbox One to make some Xbox 360 games backwards compatible to play on the system just like Wii U can play Wii Games.Don't give up guys maybe some day Sony will give in.

Tell us what you think, leave you comment's down below are you disappointed Shuhei Yoshida answer?


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