Sony's VR Device Available For Pre-order

Sony have announced in a blog post that it's new VR device will go on pre order on Tuesday, March 22nd. The VR device will be released as a limited pre order bundle which will include PS VR headset, cables, stereo headphones, camera, motion controllers and Playstation Worlds game. The bundle is priced at $499.99USD or $699.99CAD, and a second wave of pre orders will be available to be announced at a later date. If you're not interested in pre ordering, the new VR device will be released in a 'core' bundle priced at $349.99UDS or $549.99CAD.

Image courtesy of Sony

Following this announcement, it was reported that Sony VR pre orders have sold out on the online retailer Amazon in Europe according to to which Sony responded by releasing a second batch of pre orders. The popularity of VR is not to be underestimated, as being able to release a second wave of pre orders within 3 days is no small measure. It's important to note that Sony are quite late to the VR party, considering the HTC Vive and Occulus Rift have been in development and have been announced for quite some time.

The Sony VR offers plug and play capability, allowing users to plug directly into their Playstation 4 and get going. The headset runs an expansive 5.7” OLED 1080p display running at up to 120 frames per second, and has 3D audio technology enabled. Users connect to their Playstation Camera in order to use the device, and the device syncs up with the users controller.

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