The Manilla Majors Begins

Valves F2P flagship Dota 2 has been the leader when it comes to the competitive gaming scene. With the previous major tournament The International reaching an eight figure prize pool, it seems only natural to pay attention to the new major tournaments announced by the developer. Produced by the PGL team, The Manila Majors sees 16 teams compete for a $1.1 million USD first prize. Twelve teams received direct invites while 4 teams had to compete through their regional qualifier to make it to the Mall of Asia Arena in the Philippines.

For the next 9 days teams from around the world will play against one another to make it to the play offs with the upper bracket having best of three matches and the lower bracket with the best of one elimination matches. Grand Finals ending with a best of five matchup should give fans plenty of action before crowing the winner.

North American/Europeans Team Secret , Germans Team Liquid, Mix Europeans Team OG, North Americans Evil Geniuses, South Koreans MVP.Phoenix , Malaysians Fnatic, Chinese teams LGD,* Wings* and VC.Reborn, "second best" North American team Complexity (who are 3/5ths European) and European International champions [A]lliance and Na'Vi round out the invited teams to the major. Digital Chaos, best team in North America (who are 4/5ths non-North American) qualified relatively easily in their region. Team Newbee, the TI4 champions qualified via the China region. Philippino hope Minesky qualified through the South East Asian qualifiers and Team Empire took out the European qualifiers.

The Majors conclude on the 12th of June, where the two final teams will have to play one final series to clinch the tournament and walk away with a cool six figures. Valve have really put some effort behind the esports scene of their games these past few years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. I recommend viewers refer to Liquipedia's Manila Major page for constantly updated information. Check out the Manila Major livestream here.

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