World of Warcraft: Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Launched This Week

Earlier this week, we were graced with the pre-expansion patch to World of Warcraft and there are some huge changes. Some good and some bad.

With World of Warcraft: Legion launching in less than a month and change, Blizzard released a pre-expansion patch for it, completely reworking its mechanics, class abilities and more. According to the patch notes, some changes include:


Revamped PvP Progression and Honor System:

  • The PvP Reward System will now provide appropriate items for players level 100 and below.

  • Honor Points and Conquest Points have been removed as a currency.

  • Items that were purchased using Honor or Conquest are now available for purchase with Marks of Honor that can be earned from Battlegrounds, Arenas, and Skirmishes.

  • Learn more about upcoming PvP changes in our Legion PvP Preview.

Equalized PvP Gear:

  • Gear has been normalized in PvP combat. Characters entering a Skirmish Arena, Battleground, Rated Arena, Rated Battleground, or Ashran now receive an aura called Principles of War.

  • Principles of War removes all stats gained from gear (Strength, Stamina, Haste, etc.), disables gear related bonuses (like trinket effects and set bonuses), and gives the character stats based on their specializations, and increases based on overall item level. The goal is to provide a much more finely tuned and balanced PvP experience.

Raids and Dungeons:

Hellfire Citadel:

  • Enemies on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty now deal roughly 30% less damage.


  • Normalized gold from Legacy raids prior to Warlords of Draenor. Heroic difficulty Cataclysm Raids now award less gold than before, while raids from Mists of Pandaria and Wrath of the Lich King will now award more gold.

  • Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj now resets daily instead of every 3 days.

Character Changes:

Specialization System Changes:

  • Characters can now change between any of their specializations while out of combat. Action bar configurations and talent loadouts are saved for each specialization. As a result, Dual Specialization has been removed.

Talent System Changes:

  • Players may now change talents freely when in any rested XP area. The Inscription profession can craft consumable items that allow for this to be done in the field. In addition, after queuing into an instanced dungeon, raid, or PvP content, players have a grace period during which they may change talents freely.

Glyph System Changes:

  • The Glyph panel has been removed from the game. Some minor glyphs that had a cosmetic effect that does not apply to a specific spell have been converted into cosmetic items that provide the same effects as before.

  • Some minor glyphs that made cosmetic alterations to a specific spell have been added to the spell itself in the spellbook.

Gnome Hunters:

  • Gnomes can now be Hunters.

Draenor Perks:

  • Draenor Perks have been removed from the game.

Armor Changes:

  • Hunters and Shaman can now equip Mail armor from level 1 (down from level 40).

  • Warriors and Paladins can now equip Plate armor from level 1 (down from level 40). New Mail and Plate reward options have been added to low level quests.

Account Changes:


  • The maximum amount of gold that can be held at once has been increased to 9,999,999 gold. Guild bank maximum has also been increased to 9,999,999 gold.

  • Maximum number of characters on a realm has increased to 12.

Even though the patch was set to revamp a ton of content, there has been reported bugs with it. Some dungeon quests are bugged to not work, the zeppelins used for transportation to other major cities are bugged to glitch or not work at all in some cases, and there are times you will be kicked out of the server randomly.

There are also reports from players and kotaku that some heirloom trinkets and some mounts will not be available/low drop rate once Legion fully launches.

World of Warcraft: Legion is set to release August 30th, 2016

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