World of Warcraft: Legion Update And News

Demon Hunters and pre-patch events have been launched. We'll give you the run down of everything so far.

Blizzard released demon hunters with patch 7.0 and added a pre-patch event that everyone can participate in regardless of class called Legion Invasions (or Invasions for short). Invasions is where members of both Alliance and Horde fight together to bring down 4 stages of an invasion of Legion forces that range from small enemies to huge level 102 boss fights. After each stage, you may get 2-3 (rarely 3) chest of loot which is randomized pieces of i700lvl gear, coalesced fel (for weapon upgrades, but rarely drops), and nethershards. Collecting nethershards is a must to buy some of the gear items, transmog appearances, or a battle pet called Felbat Pup. All this is only available during the pre-patch content before Legion fully releases. Prices for items will be down below.

Item Prices (in nethershards):
  • Felbat Pup - 150

  • Coalescel Fel - 150

  • Ensemble: Fel-infused Armor Appearances (Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate) - 200

  • Demon Commander's Drape - 50

  • Infernal Cord - 50

  • Legionnaire's Fel Pendant - 50

  • Nether Twisted Band - 50

  • Legion Bound Ring - 50

  • Felstalker Spine - 50

  • Inquisitor's Tailsman - 50

  • Mo'arg Clan Token - 50

  • Glaive of the Fallen - 100

Having pre-ordered before August 9th, players were able to gain access to the new Demon Hunter class and try it out. If you weren't able to, don't worry. If you have a character at level 100, you can do The Broken Shore Questline (and I would recommend it for lore and backstory sake). Demon hunters, though originally was only for blood elves, can be used by both Blood Elf and Night Elf races. Demon Hunters are only Tank (Vengeance) and DPS (Havoc) users with extremely powerful attacks as well as currently overpowered (like Death Knights back in WoTLK). Especially as a Tank which I recommend to use for Invasions and PVP because of self heals with Soul Cleave. As a Demon hunter, you also get a class based mount called a Felsaber.

There isn't much you can do with a Demon Hunter for now until Legion fully releases on August 30th.

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